And in fact Im glad Mashed potatos are good, I made fresh with Real Butter, and salt, no Kosher no Epson salt for feet soak as the sulfites get you this way to EDTA BHT If its on your lotion bottle purfume or shampoo, stop those. I'm currently taking Altenol, Elavil, and Pink... mine started at age 3, and one of the things I dealt with , for many years, is that the physicians did not BELIEVE that nothing worked. PRESTO! These medications are not usually taken together.

Good luck!I've had chronic migraines for about thirteen years, and mine have also become increasingly more painful as I get older. I grow up in an agrarian community, so we grew most of our food, and it was chemical free.

I still get them when i have stress but not so severe.

I used to get alot of migraines pre-monopause and now menopausal. It has multiple uses & I promise you will be amazed @ what it does for your neurotransmitters in your neck that send messages to the brain from the spine therefore causing your bodily organs to function properly. God Bless & I wish you lasting relief from your migraines.Yes I have used phenergan for my migraines and found it helpful, although it work best as a injection.

I miss it. I was amazed after even the 1pill. I credit the B-2 supplements and the Coltsfoot capsules with letting me get ahead of the game so to speak. relief. A pharmacist is NOT a doctor, and should NOT be allowed to make medical decisions about us.Just a warning, please read all the stories about people trying to get off tramadol before u start taking it! That's what the Flexeril would help with, and the Phenergan will help with nausea once you have the migraine. Nothing works... except... Choline. It even helps pets. You KNOW that it they are being allowed to do it to seniors, that they are doing it to everyone. I have tried it all. Be positive, all will get much better as you get older.I hope you will find the right medication for the migraines.I think one of the things that needs to be recognized is that for some people these headaches - as mine are - are genetic. & one last question, do you react to weather change like the barometric pressure? They need to take the off the market before it kills someone..I'm sorry to hear that! All were uneffective. Tramadol for pain, flexeril for tight muscles and phenergan for nausea. 2 days ago actually. Foods do not seem to have any effect on my migraines, but it just makes sense to me, to be as chemical and preservative free as possible. I feel there are either, a handful of meds you can take like the ones the doctor just gave or the ONE pill that really works, sure this can break your immune system, however once your certian you eat the right foods if this is the reason then you only need them around for a oopsie wrong food time. It is a beta blocker, but works for me. Hope this helpsHello I have been a Migraine suffer for my whole life, i could not remember a day that i didnt wake or go to bed with out one, I know that at 2 my mom used to help me when i would get sick and I would faint, the whole sha-bang. Xanax also helps, 1mg at bedtime.

Incidentally, I take Atenolol for my blood pressure and since I have been on that, my migraines only come once or twice a year rather than once or twice a month or week. Do your migraines start or end in the back of your head neck &upper upper back? It costs $15.00 approx. Scary hey!Have you tried Immitrex?

My neurologist had me take vitamin B-2 for my migraines and he also had a combination herbal supplement. Each headache got further & further apart after each shot until one day they were completely gone! Ask your Dr about adding in a beta blocker for prevention as well.Hi, i also suffered migraines for any years. It did change me a lot though. These medications are not usually taken together. Read about this product. Do you have muscle spasms with, or triggering your migraines? Try the Choline nutrient. This is not enough to become addicted to. It Knocks the pain in seconds. Your HDL will thank you. this worked like a charm!

Summary: Drug interactions are reported among people who take Tramadol hydrochloride and Promethazine together. This is all natural even though it is categorized in the vitamin B category it is actually a nutrient. It is insane that congress has given them the right, within the law, to countermand the doctor's orders, and in addition, to tell the doctors how to practice medicine. Have you ever tried a beta blocker to prevent the migraines? First shot would totally take away a head ache I had had 24/7 for 6 weeks at a time. I eat very little meat, and strive to have a chemical and preservative free diet. Does Phenergan Tablet Interact with other Medications? If they are still available in shots they stopped migrianes I had for over 35 years. If I remember clearly that's when I started getting a handle on my migraines - I still took Relpax many times a month but now it worked and I only had migraine symptoms for about an hour with each one. But i have had tramadol when I hurt my kneeWow, that's quite a combo of meds, all sedating too. There are some natural things which have helped many people, one being CoQ-10, and some plant derivatives.