By placing an order with California Pet Pharmacy you acknowledge this. All the patients made an uneventful recovery with appropriate therapy. In the event the item you ordered is a prescription you will not be able to return your order if the expiration date is not to your satisfaction.An order for a prescription item must be canceled before shipping.

If your order is above $300, it will automatically ship with a signature required for delivery.All orders containing a controlled substance must be shipped with signature confirmation, and an adult must be present to sign for the package.

We will normally verify prices, availability and confirm there are no errors on the product page as part of our dispatch procedures.On occasion, you may be able to submit your order for processing, but your order is subsequently canceled due to unavailability of product. of the skin and nails or for the treatment of ringworm. 2. You are responsible for providing, at your own expense, all equipment necessary to use the services, including a computer, modem, and Internet access (including payment of all fees associated with such access).In order to place an order for some of the items on, you will be required to complete our online order form, which requires certain information and data. Incidence rates for current use were 15 per 10 000 person-years (for itraconazole, 11.1 (3 for terbinafine, 10 for fluconazole, and 4.6 for griseofulvin.

Products on our website are subject to change without notice. The background rate of serious cutaneous adverse reactions (corresponding to non-use of oral anti-fungal drugs) was 3.9 per 10 000 person-years (95% CI = 2.9). How long you have to take the tablets depends on the site of the infection.

It works by stopping the growth of fungal cells and killing those fungal cells.

Most reports of liver failure occurred in patients with serious underlying systemic conditions, and a causal relationship to terbinafine has not been established. If you violate any of the terms of these Terms you will have your access canceled and you may be permanently banned from accessing the Site. Except as otherwise provided herein, you may not use, download, upload, copy, print, display, perform, reproduce, publish, modify, delete, add to, license, post, transmit, or distribute any such materials from in whole or in part, for any public or commercial purpose without our specific written permission. We request that vets respond to the request within 24 hours, but sometimes the process can take longer, depending on the veterinarian.

Department of Microbiology, Medicine and Pathology, School of Medicine & Health

All cases for the aforementioned must be handled by the manufacture of the product and we encourage reporting to the FDA website.

If vomiting is an issue, give terbinafine with food.

A potentially toxic reactive metabolite of terbinafine, 7,7-dimethylhept-2-ene-4-ynal (TBF-A), the N-dealkylation product of terbinafine, has been identified in vitro. Proteins bind more than 99% of the drug in plasma. Please act promptly and note that canceling an order may carry a cancellation fee, restocking fee, or other fees. Please reference the following link to learn more.

The more pills in a package, the lower the price for 1 pill!Terbinafine is an infective / antifungal agent that inhibits squalene epoxidase, resulting in ergosterol deficiency and a corresponding accumulation of squalene within the fungal cell leading to fungal cell death.
Only unopened/unused non-prescription goods will be refunded minus shipping and a 20% restocking fee.In order to return an item, you will need to request a Return Authorization Number from our customer service department at 877.554.4797.The term shipping or ship includes the commencement of shipping items in an order for multiple purchases or where the item purchased consists of components that must be shipped separately. Although not approved for this use, terbinafine (250 mg daily) also is effective in ringworm elsewhere on the body.