Learn more. I haven't changed up or down because it feels like it has been working, in talking to my wife and the med lady( my simple mind title for her). and Melissa Orlov, 2007-2020 I am a healthy 37 year old male and recently diagnosed with ADD. As many comments below suggest, there are different results for different people with different meds. 2 years ago I started taking Ritalin. The safety and effectiveness of taking Seroquel for children under age 10 is unknown. WOW! You want to go to a herble store and ask about stuff for adhd. The optimal dosage varies by age and condition treated. Like you, I too was in a Toxic marriage for 12 years always supporting the needs and issues of my Ex husban. I guess from what I am reading, each medication works differently for different people. 25. During my convalescence I was prescribed the usual pain killers, but found them to have a stimulating effect (not sure if this is normal with us ADHDers). Sharing prescription medication is illegal, and can cause harm.You should not take Seroquel if you have an allergy to quetiapine fumarate or any of the ingredients in Seroquel. After the convalescence, I experienced a lot of depression, anxiety, procrastination, etc. He is eating again, and sleeping at night, something the prescriptions really interfered with. You will frequently hear people say that you just need to keep trying until you find the right medication, or the right dose or the right mix of medications of the right dosage.Well I can tell you my experience has been years of feeling horrible as my body attempts to adjust to some new regimen, I count these years as wasted years.In the end I settled on Cymbalta as the best of a bad lot, it does not do a lot for my ADHD, but it works well on anxiety and in turn depression. We're all here for but a flash.After taking ritalin for over a year, I decided to stop and go the all natural way - 5 htp, theanine, excercise etc.However after 2 years of trying that out I have found that I still do not have a good control over my negative adhd symptoms. I told her we could go straight to the store and buy some new ones. Anyway, I really appreciate your help here and answering some of my questions. at ALL COSTS!! I originally was started on Zoloft about 4 years ago. He has always been supportive, but the way they make you drive to the office to get the Rx every month (vs. Dr. calling it in) and then show ID to pick it up and then again at the pharmacy to get them makes me feel like I'm crazy or a criminal! !Thanks Not! Physicians may need to increase or decrease Seroquel dosage when taken with prescriptions like ketoconazole, ritonavir, carbamazepine, and rifampin.Seroquel can interact with certain antihypertensive agents, dopamine agonists, and levodopa.Share a list of all vitamin or herbal supplements, and prescription and non-prescription medications, you take with the pharmacist when you fill your prescription, especially any drugs that cause drowsiness. Seroquel helps me `wind-down` so I can enjoy a relaxed evening, rather than the knock-out blow of zopiclone. But I would like help with all those other practical things on the list too! We have tried Ritalin, Focalin XR and Adderall XR and none seem to me doing anything for me. There is also a drug called biphentin; not sure if it's just in Canada or what. They help with some of the memory problems but not the a.d.d. In the case where you are teempted to drink more b/c you are wired up, it can be dangerous b/c from my experience with all other stims Ive taken, the quantity I can drink (with less 'drunkness') was phenomenal (in a bad way). I hope I haven't offended you with anything I said about my faith. My response to medication is usually very typical. But it has gotten worse over 40. Please let me know Christine!