yes, I self administer the iscador, small injection sub c.- no big deal. The title is "Two Years NED-Plus Integrative Treatment Options"; their is another one called "Mistletoe" by Xericjean which is currently undergoing therapy with Mistletoe and her comments are throughout the Two Years NED thread-most of these women have a Naturopathic clinic in Colorado in common, worth reading (oh, I just looked, it's 880 comments long). was wondering what is your experience, side effects, jaw problem if any. I am currently on Femara and my ONC wants me to start on Xgeva. So we discussed this and that I contacted the Oncologist and they said wait a week, so I did and returned two weeks after and he goes if the pain is not as bad, lets leave it in as he felt I was trading one problem for another. I have taken medication in the past. My take on the matter is this, if I am going to take a prescribed drug then I need to know if efficacy-regarding my cancer and millions like me, we are given protocols that are clinical standards but the evidence now is becoming more apparent that these drugs do not prevent Osteoporosis or bone degeneration but in fact, increase the risks of fractures, splinters/shatters, ONJ, etc...The drug companies are scrambling to come up with something to quickly replace these drugs so they can quietly sweep bisphosphonates under the rug. This discussion was a decade ago. What I have learned from having ONJ for a year. The last 4 years of her life her organs became compressed because of the weakened bones. So when I was dx’d 2 years ago I went on Prolia. No fda clinical trial used bone density increases as the primary endpoint.
So within these upcoming studies, we shall find future predictors calculated much differently (Studies involving not only bone density but increased fractures and overall treatment duration vs limited). Last PET/CT showed "new callus formation along right public ramus which is concerning for a potential insufficiency pathologic fracture." I failed taxol after 3 months and will be going on Xeloda and faslodex this week.Man the more we read and learn the more I don't want to be treated. Bisphosphonates are drugs that help to strengthen bones and reduce the risk of a bone breaking (fracture). Something else to discuss with my oncologist.all very interesting. Since 2009 I have been infused with Zometa every six months until last Sept when I went once a month, my last round was March 2012, presently I have a tooth that wants out, it is loose, a root canal will not help because the tooth is loose.

I am hoping that ONJ is nowhere in the picture.WOW....... NO....... kiwigirls........ don't even give up !?!? They work by stimulating bone growth rather than maintaining bone. And though women who take bisphosphonates may appear to have denser bone initially on a bone scan, it doesn’t mean the bone is actually stronger.
her husband is a naturopath. I was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer, April 2017. My doctor recommended Prolia and we scheduled an injection. I have also struggled with constipation and IBS since a small child and this is one of the common side effects. In an ongoing effort to balance conventional vs. natural, particularly regarding recent discussions about ONJ, I stumbled across this alternative to bisphosphonates. Well, I have now adjusted to the A/A combo pretty well and my markers are starting to go down! Dancing with NED and not taking any medications is bliss!This discussion is closed to comments. One of my online acquaintances mentioned, "oil pulling." There are a couple of her threads on it if you look in the help box for "Inositol or IP6 and up pops many other opinions on the subject.Here are just released articles by the New England Journal; it seems the Industry is now recognizing a need to collectively study Bisphosphonate duration of treatments as Anita states above and to also conform to the need to prescribe to patients with existing Osteoporosis and change the standard protocol of prescribing for preventative therapy.