"Whoever takes shelter of you has his wishes fulfilled.Bestowing your mercy on him,you make him a resident of Vrndavana. Tulsi is so highly regarded in India that it was an age-old custom to worship it twice a day, and it is still thought by some to bring good luck and to protect from evil. (Skanda Purana) Wherever the aroma of Tulasi is carried by the wind,it purifies the atmosphere and frees all animals from all baser tendencies." So, it is said that When the Tulasi worship is going on devotees sing the song – They also take arati which was offered to "I beg you to make me a follower of the cowherd damsels of Vraja.Please give me the privilege of devotional service and make me your own maidservant. But every part of the tualsi plant has fragrance. Text 148 – 150 Text 148 – 150 In Agastya – Samhita, it is mentioned that “As Sita Devi is so dear to Lord Ram, the Supreme Lord of the three worlds similarly Tulasi Devi who purifies the three world is also dear to Lord Ram. Tulasi plant is considered as the holiest of all plants. Relevance. Set the pot in an area where it can receive plenty of indirect sunlight. Your plant requires 6-8 hours of sunlight a day and temperatures of at least 70 °F (21 °C). I have tulsi at my place and wanted to ask how do you do tulsi pooja. Its seeds, it leaves, its stem, its roots- all have fragrance. #2. In the Kanva-sakha branch of the Vedas,the method of worshiping and meditating on Tulasi Devi is described.One can reverentially meditate on her and adore her with sixteen ingredients in the following way:

In English it is called as Basil plant.The Tulasi plant is regarded as a threshold point between heaven and earth. If you don’t have it get one today from nearest nursery or temple. "O Tulasi,beloved of Krsna,I bow before you again and again.My desire is to obtain the service of Sri Sri Radha-Krsna. Astro News. Yamini. 12 Answers. Answer Save. All we need to do is to use a single tulasi leaf in worship. To see this page as it is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript!

One day, the Lord Vishnu took on the form of Vrinda’s husband Jalandhar and tricked her to sleep with him.Jalandhar lost his great strength and was subsequently killed by the God, and Vrinda threw herself onto his funeral pyre. Always go after your heartThank you so much for sharing.
Both the bride and the groom are ritually worshipped and then married as per tradition. A traditional prayer tells that the creator-God. - Tulsi plant, an earthly manifestation of Goddess Tulsi, is worshipped as the most sacred plant in the Hindu culture. 15th April to 15th June is considered to be the best season for growing this plant. Have a Tulsi plant around you and be blessed by the it’s countless benefits. This plant is considered auspicious for any thing you do in your life and every home should have her.

elara's other major investors include saif partners, accel partners and RB Investments. Makaan.com does not offer any such advice. It is one of the most sacred plants and is known to be self-purifying.

Wherever the aroma of Tulasi is carried by the wind,it purifies the atmosphere and frees all animals from all baser tendencies." Using tulasi leaves in worship will bring prosperity.As a person following Sanatana Dharma, we must have Tulasi plant in our home..

As a Hindu it is our responsibility to have a Tulasi plant at home. These articles, the information therein and their other contents are for information purposes only. "By the circumambulation of Srimati Tulasi Devi all the sins one may have committed are destroyed at every step,even the sin of killing a brahmana."

Doing pooja everyday to Tualsi mata (plant) is part of our Dharma.

#8. Prune Tulsi as needed throughout the year to control its size and promote bushier and more compact growth. Tulsi or the Holy Basil is considered as a mother. resides in its branches, all Hindu pilgrimage centres reside in its roots, the Ganges flows through its roots, all deities are in its stem and its leaves are the Hindu scriptures The Tulasi plant is grown in or near almost every Hindu houses.

Every home with a Tulasi plant is a place of pilgrimage,and no diseases,messengers of Yama,the God of Death,can enter it."

Anyone who worships her becomes dear to Krishna. Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! Nothing will please Lord Narayana more. Srimati Tulasi Devi is worshiped in the morning,after mangala-arati,when all the devotees should attend to her worship and circumambulation.First,obeisances are offered to Tulasi Devi with the Tulasi pranama mantra.Following,the Tulasi kirtana song is sung while Tulasi Devi is of-

Tulsi at Home . makaaniq is an initiative by makaan.com to provide information, intelligence and tools to help property seekers and real estate industry players take an informed property investment decision.makaan.com is part of elara technologies pte limited, singapore which also owns and operates proptiger.com, a digital real estate marketing and transactions services provider. Overwintering. But every part of the tualsi plant has fragrance.

Often used as an ingredient for tea to cure common cold, Tulsi also plays a pivotal role in removing negative energies from the house and eliminating various vastu defects.So, bring home this wonder plant to ensure good health, wealth and happiness for your family.