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Resistant infections have high impact in low income countries since they can’t afford more recent and expensive antibiotics. Ceftriaxone is semisynthetic cephalosporin with long half life having effectiveness against gram positive, gram negative,aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and prescribed in complicated and uncomplicated infections. a day (Lilley, p. 598)-Penicillin allergy

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Infectious DiseasesEvaluation of ceftriaxone utilization at multi‐center studyThird generation cephalosporin use in a tertiary hospital in Port of Spain, Trinidad: need for an antibiotic policyCollaborating Center for International Drug Monitoring. CephalosporinsDestroy bacterial cell walls causing


Regarding the dosage and duration of ceftriaxone use, 1 g dose was used frequently (70%) and twice‐daily dosing (76.9%) was the most frequently used for administration (Table More than two‐thirds 313 (80.2%) of ceftriaxone use were reported to be inappropriate and majority of unjustified ceftriaxone use emanated from inappropriate frequency of administration (78.3%), absence of culture and sensitivity test (68.7%), and duration of therapy (47%)(Figure Inappropriate use of ceftriaxone was considerably higher in the emergency ward than medical wards (93.2% and 72.2%, respectively) and a higher proportion of inappropriate use was recorded in the treatment of pneumonia and spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (SBP) (Table The most frequently coadministered drugs with ceftriaxone were IV fluids (43.8%), metronidazole (17.5%), tramadol (6%), and Diclofenac (5.4%).

entire course of therapy (ATI, p.

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However, the curative power of these drugs is limited due to the development of resistance.Ceftriaxone is among the most commonly utilized antibiotics owing to its high potency, wide spectrum of activity, and low risk of toxicity. Administration of ceftriaxone six hours after infection produce rapid bacteriolysis [17]. -Meningitis (ATI, p. 358)-Decrease in s/s of the infection Accordingly, Empiric treatment with ceftriaxone (AOR = 22.57; 95% CI, [4.66‐41.47]), and the presence of coadministered drugs (AOR = 4.12; 95% CI, [1.62‐8.05]) was significantly associated with its inappropriate use (Table This study revealed a prevalence rate of 59% ceftriaxone use. -Negative results on culture and sensitivity tests If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes, your email address may not be registered, It is used to treat different types of bacterial infections including pneumonia, bone infections, abdominal infections, skin and soft tissue infections, and urinary tract infections. Studies that evaluate antibiotic use in hospitals are scarce in Eritrea.