The site and services are provided "as is" with no warranty or representations by JustAnswer regarding the qualifications of Experts. describes three patients who developed impotence, unilateral gynaecomastia or anorgasmia in relation to omeprazol treatment [3]. While one reader consults our experts about his use of PPI medicines, T.D.

Have you used any medication for this? <> Additionally, statins can cause rhabdomyolysis, a breakdown of muscle tissue, leading to joint pain and fatigue. pm�Ua��dp�D�77����I&Έ��!�4��k��xg潘�U��� ��Df�bs�S��N�s�^�e 6�dP�j�/OR��ns���5BF@xT%���G�s�w/�8'xĢ>��,� stream A sidenote is that almost 100% of men with severe depression have ED. [Erectile dysfunction and proton pump inhibitors]. Men with an organic cause of ED can ALSO have a psychogenic component and a clue to that is highly variable erections that can be absent one day but normal the next. After talking to our daughter I learHello, I have a question just related to something I have found out. Ȧ]7S����&Vda���ݥ��Y;�Gp� nߩ�}�J�9��;�����C �m�O�u%MU6������/�Z�ׄ9CH�f��07C��Sk~�_�&�;� �AMM��Z���� �?�')�*�UXQC�{Ĭ�l�E��;@E�W:�������E ���k�y(h2oUbz Pantoprazole oral tablet comes with several warnings. I do not have medical insurance and I look at the over the counter medicine and found ompraWhich drug do you recommend for Erictile Disfunction.. By chatting and providing personal info, you understand and agree to our I have no health problems & yes this it the only meds I'm onI was reading on line where proton pump inhibitors can also somehow block a males ability to product testostrone properly. /ProcSet [/PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI] It is used to treat erosive esophagitis or "heartburn" caused by gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), a condition where the acid in the stomach washes back up into the esophagus. He went to fill his priscription but the pharmacist told him that pI have used Aciphex for several years and have had good results from it. lansoprazole, pantoprazole and rabeprazole [3]. We will watch her carefully and get her in for the I am very grateful to the experts who answered me.I can go as far as to say it could have resulted in saving my sons life and our entire family now knows what bipolar is and how to assist and understand my most wonderful son, brother and friend to all who loves him dearly. There are still other possible side effects of pantoprazole that can occur. >> Arrowhead Health has me on Sucralfate 1 gm 14 day supply. 1. To see what credentials have been verified by a third-party service, please click on the "Verified" symbol in some Experts' profiles. Customer: yes i think the medication is the problem JA: Have you seen a doctor about this? Pantoprazole can also cause irregular heart rhythms, low or high blood pressure, hemorrhage (bleeding), syncope (fainting) and a fast heart rate (tachycardia) 2. Erectile dysfunction has not been described in the SPCs of omeprazole capsules and omeprazole MUPS [1,2]. Erectile dysfunction (ED) can have several causes. <> examination and US right away if things do not improve. I don't suffer from the symptoms of reflux but was perscribed this for esophageal spasms. Speak with your doctor to determine whether your ED may be caused by poor circulation, diabetes, obesity, smoking, medication side effect or stress and anxiety. /Type /Page Normal erectile function requires interactions among vascular, neurologic, hormonal and psychological ... A suggested mechanism for omeprazole to cause erectile dysfunction is the interference with the metabolism op hormones. 4 0 obj Posts are for general information, are not intended to substitute for informed professional advice (medical, legal, veterinary, financial, etc. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our Can Proton pump inhibitor drugs such as Pantoprazole cause (ED) erectile disfunctions?Some of the proton pump inhibitors (mainly omeprazole) have been shown to be anti-androgenic (although very minimally).Dr.